Adopt a Work of Art
Adolphe Alexander Lesrel, The Card Players, 1878. Shown with the left side conserved. Click to enlarge.
One of the principal fiduciary responsibilities of museum leadership is the care and preservation of its permanent collection of art, which it holds in public trust.  Collections are one of a museum’s most important assets, as they provide the institution’s primary educational tools.  In a very real sense, collections are living things that “age” with time and need periodic rejuvenation.  The ability to identify the “aging” process of collections is essential and those who manage the collections are responsible for their well-being.  It is the charge of the Board of Trustees, through its various committees, and through its Director and professional staff, to ensure that the collections have the manpower and financial resources needed for their care.  As collections grow, resource needs also grow and the cost to maintain collections can be considerable.

In an effort to augment The Heckscher Museum’s commitment to care for its collection, the Museum offers an “adoption” program focusing on the many paintings and sculptures that require conservation.  Selected pieces from the Permanent Collection will be made available for donors to “adopt” for the cost of their conservation.  After an “adopted” work is conserved, the underwriter’s name will forever be associated with the object.  We hope The Heckscher Museum’s membership and friends will embrace this essential program and become proud “parents” of some of the Museum’s most important treasures. Indeed, we think the adoption program will be especially appealing for the following reasons:

To view the selection of works available for conservation adoption, click here.

To view the works adopted under the Adopt a Work of Art Program, click here.

While paintings and sculptures are the focus of this program, if you prefer to adopt a work in other media (prints, drawings, photography) or to contribute to the conservation fund, please contact the Executive Director at 631.351.3250.


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