Docents Talk “Amanda Valdez” & “Long Island’s Best”

Our Docent Volunteers have always been at the heart of visitor experience at The Heckscher Museum, and they aren’t stopping now! With the Museum temporarily closed and now reopening with limited service on August 1, our Docents have been eager to continue “docenting,” even if it it needs to be virtual for now.

This summer, the Museum is pleased to present this new series of videos created by our dedicated docent team. Docents Jackie Covey, Sue Peragallo, and Lauren Summers speak about artwork on view in Amanda Valdez: Piecework, while Docents Peggy Palmer and Elliot Schulman discuss artwork in Long Island’s Best 2020. Each video focuses on a singular work of art, giving viewers time to slow down and look closely.

Lisa Sayedi, Lead Museum Educator and Docent Coordinator, explains, “Our amazing team of docents are a wonderful part of the Museum. They help visitors to look closely at artwork on view and make each person’s experience unique. While the Museum was temporarily closed, our docents were quick to adapt and come together to create new ways for our visitors to feel connected – whether it be in person or virtually. The artwork highlighted in these videos was personally selected by each individual. No matter which video you watch, you will see our docents doing what they do best: helping us all stay connected through art!”

Jackie Covey, Docent Volunteer

Jackie Covey discusses Amanda Valdez’s work of art Thick as Thieves, 2014, 58 x 66-1/4 in., Fabric, acrylic, and canvas. On loan from Amanda Valdez and Denny Dimin Gallery. On view in Amanda Valdez: Piecework.

Elliot Schulman, Docent Volunteer

Elliot Schulman discusses Jocelyn Herrera’s artwork Homeless in New York, Colored pencil, Mineola High School. On view in Long Island’s Best 2020.

Lauren Summers, Docent Volunteer

Lauren Summers discusses Amanda Valdez’s artwork Log Punch, 2017, 24 x 20 in., Embroidery, hand-dyed fabric, fabric, and canvas. Collection of Heather and Philip Brandes. On view in Amanda Valdez: Piecework.

Peggy Palmer, Docent Volunteer

Peggy Palmer discusses Rachel Ferrara’s artwork Untitled, Oil on canvas, Northport High School. On view in Long Island’s Best 2020.

Sue Peragallo, Docent Volunteer

Sue Peragallo discusses Amanda Valdez’s artwork Daily Failures, 2017, 20 x 20 in., Embroidery, oil stick on mounted paper, acrylic, fabric, and canvas. Collection of Drs. Robert and Cynthia Bear. On view in Amanda Valdez: Piecework.


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