Dinner with the Director with Featured Guest Greg Anderson Elysée

Thursday, July 20, 2023
5:30 – 7:30 pm

Featured Guest:
Greg Anderson Elysée, Award-winning Artist and Writer

Tasting Menu by Chef Soh Young Lee-Segredo

Join us for a dinner with Heckscher Museum Executive Director & CEO Heather Arnet and the brilliant artist and writer Greg Anderson Elysée. He is the author and creator of Is’nana the Were-Spider, a coming-of-age horror/fantasy graphic novel series. By incorporating African mythology, Caribbean folklore, and African American stories into the series, Elysée hopes to introduce audiences to the potential of mythical and spiritual figures of the Black diaspora in hopes of keeping the cultures alive. Learn more about Elysée as we engage in a lively discussion over a three-course chef tasting menu designed by Soh Young Lee-Segredo. 

$100 per person (10 person limit)

All proceeds will support The Heckscher Museum’s role as a leading source of artistic inspiration for Long Island and beyond. The Museum increases public accessibility to art and art education by connecting the visual arts with the changing needs and interests of current and future generations.

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