Our Volunteers


Volunteers are at the heart of The Heckscher Museum! We cannot thank our amazing volunteer team enough for their dedication and outstanding community service!

Grace Alberto, Docent
Jean Amendola
, Docent
Eileen Anders
, Docent
Elizabeth Aquino, Docent
Grace Barrett
, Docent
Christina Canzoneri, Docent
Li Ju Cheung, Docent
Mark Conn, Docent
Jacqueline Covey, Docent/ Events Volunteer
Alison Gaiman, Docent
Janet Gritzka, Docent

Linda Halbreich, Docent
Charlotte Hollander, Docent
Elinor Jaffe
, Docent
Mary Jane Kirkland
, Docent/ Visitor Services Volunteer
Julie McLocklin, Docent/ Visitor Services & Events Volunteer
Barbara Palmadesso, Docent
Peggy Palmer, Docent
Susan Peragallo, Docent
Anita Pescow
, Docent
Mary Anne Petit, Docent

Mary Porter, Docent
Gina Roseen, Docent /Events Volunteer
Elliot Shulman, Docent
Phyllis Silverman, Docent
Phyllis Simon, Docent
Matthew Sonfield, Docent
Lauren Summers, Docent /Events Volunteer
Joy Thurston, Docent
Helen Udell, Docent
Juanita Vasquez, Events Volunteer

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