Rights & Reproductions

Images from The Heckscher Museum of Art Collection are available for research and publication. The Museum does not grant permission for use of its images in commercial advertising or for use of images taken from already published material(s). Photographic materials must be obtained directly from the Registrar’s Department of the Museum.

The Registrar’s Department will only provide digital files (specify TIFF or JPEG), arrange for new images of works to be taken, or provide copies of certain document.

Complete Image Request Form below or Print & Mail

Email Kerrilyn Blee, Registrar & Exhibitions Manager at blee@heckscher.org or call 631.380.3230 ext.5

Please allow one to two weeks for your request to be processed. All requests will be replied to via the email address provided with the request.

Once a request is reviewed and accepted, the requestor will receive a form, which serves as both contract and invoice, as well as the Museum’s list of conditions for reproduction of imagery. Return the form with payment – if required – and allow two (2) to four (4) weeks (from the day the signed form is received) for your request to be processed.

Prepayment is required for image requests where fees are accessed. Please make prepayment(s) via check and note “Rights and Reproductions” in the memo line. If you would like to pay via credit card, please email Kerrilyn Blee, Registrar & Exhibitions Manager at blee@heckscher.org or call 631.380.3230 ext.5.

The Heckscher Museum of Art cannot provide reproductions of objects for which it does not hold the copyright. In these instances, the Museum will provide, or direct, the requestor with the appropriate contact information, if known, so that the requestor can apply directly to the artist, their estate, or designated holder of the copyright, for reproduction permission(s).

Fee Schedule

Use Fee

Fees quoted are for one edition, one language. If world rights, or all languages, are required, multiply the listed fee by 10. Scholars and students publishing original research may apply for reduced fees. Material fees involved in research requests cannot be waived or reduced.

Use Fees – Print

Number of copiesCost in U.S. dollars
40,001+Request a quote from Registrar

Use Fees – Electronic, Broadcast, and Film

Commercial (Cost in U.S. dollarsEducational (Cost in U.S. dollars)
Video/FilmRequest quote from RegistrarRequest quote from Registrar
BroadcastRequest quote from RegistrarRequest quote from Registrar


  • If a 3-dimensional object must be set up for a special angle shot: $250
  • New Photography
    Should the Museum not have a high-resolution image available to offer, the requestor can either pay for the Museum’s staff photographer to be brought in or wait for the Museum to have its photographer come in for scheduled work. If the requestor chooses to pay for the Museum’s staff photographer to come in, a reduction, or waiving, of fees will be considered. Please contact the Registrar’s Department for new photography prices and scheduling.
  • If an object must be retrieved from installation or offsite storage
    2-D: $50-$100
    3-D: $150-$200
  • Research Fees
    Photocopies/Scans: $0.25 per page
    Labor cost: $25.00 per hour

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