Emerging Artists Series 2021

Emerging Artists Series: Instagram Takeovers 2021

The Museum is pleased to present the Emerging Artists Instagram Takeover Series! Follow along and discover new and exciting contemporary artists as they take over the Museum’s Instagram account @heckschermuseum throughout the year.

Congratulations to all of the 2021 featured artists! See schedule and learn more about the artists below.

Anu Annam
Darlene Blaurock
Charis J. Carmichael Braun
Leeanna Chipana
Gabriel Cruz
Roz Dimon

Samantha Dominik
Nimisha Doongarwal
Beth Giacummo
Clara Gross
Heather Heckel
Sylvia Hommert

Lori Horowitz
Julia Lang-Shapiro
Crisoula Lazaridis
Danielle Livoti
Andrea Manning
Emily Martin

Nina Miller
Alan Richards
Krista Svalbonas
Kiki Jia Qi Zhen

2021 Takeover Schedule

February 10

RozDimon.com & ArtStory.net

Roz Dimon has been painting with a digital brush ever since her canvases began to fill up with pixels in 1984 . Digitally coded and created, a DIMONscape invites ALL to interact and experience its multiple layers and story. Developed with open-source coding and QR code technology, viewers go inside each layer of the digital painting from their smart phones or mobile devices and explore the imagery, audio and narrative that is integral to each layer, all at their own pace. At the same time, it’s still a painting – a still work on the wall to be contemplated.

February 24


Gabriel Cruz is a Spanish artist living in Huntington, Long Island. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Madrid before moving to New York in 2009. Fueled and inspired by the life of the city around him, he has developed an extensive body of work here. A combination of the real and the imagined, Gabriel Cruz’s paintings take on a dreamlike quality, with colors, shapes and perspective filtered through memory and experience. Colorful and expressive, his works provide a mosaic, kaleidoscopic vision of the artists urban experience.

March 10


Through performance, sculpture, and site-specific installation Kiki Jia Qi Zhen reflects on her experiences of immigration, trauma, memory, and story-telling. In working with materials relevant in Chinese culture, and through repetitive gestures, she highlights inter-generational complexities that arise from being a first-generation immigrant. In her work, she explores and creates a platform from which to speak as someone who is part of the Chinese diaspora in the United States. While grappling with these complexities, she also realizes that displacement is a necessary force for identities to evolve and transform in a place where many cultures coexist.

March 24


Emily Martin is a New York based textile designer, installation artist, and weaver. Focused on materiality, tactility, and color, Martin strives to emulate mundane textures often overlooked in one’s day to day life through material manipulation and textile design. For Emily, objects display the effects of time. Their purpose is seen through worn surfaces, which serve as remnants and reminders of passing time. They are often overlooked; however, infinite beauty lies within the rotting of wood, cracks in the sidewalk, or moss growing on tree bark.

April 7


Darlene Blaurock is a mixed media artist from Wantagh, New York. She started creating her mixed media paintings in 2018. Her artistic style is a collage of iconography, silhouettes and symbolism combined with acrylic paint, found objects, watercolor paint and neo-pastels. They evolve into portraits that reference biblical themes, pop culture and history and represent the artist’s personal view of social and cultural issues.

April 21


Crisoula Lazaridis is a self-taught sculptor that loves to experiment and make her visions come to life through her art. Her goal in every sculpture or print is to make people feel an emotion so intensely that it stays with them. Whether it’s love, fear, happiness, or anything else. She loves working on a  smaller scale because whenever you see something small, you are automatically drawn to it, therefore needing to get closer to it. When looking at the sculpture closely, you become intimate with it, triggering memories and a thought that could resonate. 

May 5


Charis J Carmichael Braun is a figurative painter whose work embodies tension as she focuses on the human form and its relationship to the environment. Her work is based on intersections between conflicting ideas such as ambition and decay, conquering and persevering, grace and desire. She uses spirited color and active brushwork to build an unstable middle ground on the canvas where gestural and detailed passages of paint are negotiated. Originally from Minnesota, she earned her MFA from the New York Academy of Art and now resides in Asharoken, New York.

May 19


Light, the reflection of light, and how it interacts in an environment are constant threads that flow through the work of Sylvia Hommert. Light’s elusive, ever-changing, and ephemeral quality intrigues her. She is drawn to materials that enhance and illuminate, including: pearly paua shell, metal leaf, holographic paper, crystalline mineral salts, beeswax, and resin. By building layers of materials from opaque to translucent to transparent and using a flame to burn away portions, she creates depth and texture in her mixed media works of art.

June 2


Beth Giacummo is an artist, curator, arts advocate, educator and cultural producer. Her work as a founding member of the Patchogue Arts Council/ Museum of Contemporary Art L.I. (now Executive Director) was the gateway to her career in the arts. As an artist her work has included national and international exhibits & artist residencies in Denmark, Italy, Chile, Sweden, Romania, Spain, and Austria. Her current practice is focused on creating interactive large scale inflatable sculpture and installation.

June 16


Heather Heckel is an artist and educator living in New York. Her work has been shown internationally, and is part of several permanent collections. She currently teaches middle school studio art in Port Washington, and is an adjunct faculty member at Pace University in Pleasantville. She has been awarded 12 artist residencies through the National Park Service, which combines her love of travel, nature, and creating site-specific artwork. Her favorite mediums are oil paint and colored pencil, which she uses to create representational art fused with emotion.

July 17


Nina Miller is from Long Beach, NY. She currently resides in Utah where she continues her artistic practice and is inspired by this change in scenery from city to mountain life. She works in several mediums including painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, printmaking and photography. Miller creates compositions focused on memory, nostalgia, childhood, environment and inner/ outer worlds. She works within a rigid framework, combining organic form and color. Found objects and materials particularly interest her as she experiments with combinations of discarded materials and fabricated forms, playing with both the natural and artificial human experience. 

July 28


Leeanna Chipana is an artist and adjunct professor working and living in Central Islip, NY. As a daughter of an immigrant Quechuan father, her painting process has been one of reconnection to her ancestors and what it means to be a contemporary indigenous woman living in today’s context. “My work centers around painting indigenous people and stories of the past, present, and future. I paint portraits of Moche portrait vessels as part of that process. For me painting is ceremony.”

August 4


Through her artwork, artist and engineer Nimisha Doongarwal encourages people to embrace cultural diversity and reduce prejudice against groups based on color, race, religion, etc.  Exploring the varying relationships between past and present popular culture, her portraits have a new abstract identity. This highlights the cultural and traditional overlap that people around the world have experienced for centuries. “I work as an engineer by day and create in my studio at night. Art keeps me close to my emotional and creative side and being an engineer keeps me analytical.” 

August 11


Danielle Livoti is an artist and arts educator, with 13 years of teaching experience at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. She holds a BFA in Art Education from LIU Post and an MA in Studio Art from New York University. Danielle creates abstract, mixed media works based on memories and shared experiences such as love, fears, heartache, loss and anxiety. Surfaces are often layered with personal artifacts such as journal pages, concert tickets and book pages, allowing her to leave behind pieces of her past as she uncovers new truths about herself through the creation of her works.

September 1


Anu Annam is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed exhibiting artist, art educator, arts administrator and curator, working in the field for 25 years. Through subjective intellectual interpretation and unconventional techniques, Annam captures individual mental states, auras, and nuances of personalities in her portraiture, focusing on self-portraiture during times of introspection. She has become nationally and internationally renowned for her ability to capture the emotional essence of her subjects using her impressionistic to semi-abstract style.

September 22


Clara Gross a multimedia artist based between New York City and Berlin, Germany. She works across sculpture, drawing, and video to create artworks centered around questions of experience and memory in the architectural and urban environments. The work can be considered site-specific in the sense that each piece is a direct reaction to the physicality of a space or place, with a focus on noticing shape, color, light, material, and other aspects that constitute the experience of oneself within the landscape. 

October 6


Andrea Lawl Manning is a Long Island based multidisciplinary artist. Her practice is centered around process-based experimentation – playing with paint, paper, plastics, and fiber to explore the interaction between the physical and constructed self.  Across a continuum of flat paintings to hanging and in-the-round sculpture, Andrea’s abstract works dance in and out of the abject, uplifted by a spectrum of highly saturated colors and graphic images. In many of these works paint, image, and flatness coalesce into physical form at the intersection of disgust and tactile appeal.

October 20


Architecture and ideas of home have been the subject of Krista Svalbonas’ work for the last decade. She is fascinated by the effect of architectural form and structure on human psychology. Her cultural background as an ethnically Latvian/Lithuanian artist informs this interest. Her parents spent many years after the end of World War II in displaced persons (DP) camps in Germany before they were allowed to emigrate to the United States. Their childhood memories were of temporary structures, appropriated from other (often military) uses to house tens of thousands of postwar refugees. This has made her acutely aware of the impact of politics on architecture, and in turn on a people’s daily lived experience. 

November 3


Using eclectic techniques and materials, Lori Horowitz explores the overlooked interactions between individuals, exploring their social disconnect as well as common humanity. “I am always experimenting with technique and materials, searching for new ways of expression while referencing style and materials of the early masters. My images seek out moments of quiet humanity, recording the spontaneous unfolding of life in nature.  I am passionate about using skills of the past and combining them with innovative methods.” Horowitz is also an independent curator and the former curator and executive director of Studio 5404 Art Space in Massapequa, NY.

November 17


What is home? A place, a person, a feeling? Our consciousness is a home, and our memories are the rooms within it. We constantly travel through doors and passages within our minds, entering past realities and alternate realities. Samantha Dominik’s current work deals with revisiting domestic spaces, re-contextualizing her own experiences, and reflecting on trauma. By manipulating everyday objects and symbols, she aims to create worlds that are both uncannily intimate and alien to our reality. 

December 1


Julia Lang-Shapiro is a mixed media artist/visual arts educator, whose work centers around printmaking processes combined with photography, and book arts. “In reflecting on the changes in my creative process, I feel as if I always circle back to previous materials and techniques. Printmaking has always been a process that I loved, from the very first print I made in high school from an etched zinc plate, to my current manner of monoprinting papers for collage. The prevailing trend in my work tends to combine the joyous color bursts of my college age paintings with the ever-present printmaking, giving way to bold contrasts in canvas and paper.”

December 15


Alan Richards’ work may be classified as photo-based image composites or new media art. Each image tells a story and reflects how Richards views events and the interaction between people and the world. He uses combinations of photographic images that are almost always supplemented by digital painting and drawing, image clips, vectors, and CAD elements. An audiologist for many years, Richards produced artwork sporadically over his career, but it is only within the last decade that his passion for making art blossomed.

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