Endowment Gifts

Endowment Gifts

Endowments are among the most effective ways of providing a stable financial foundation for The Heckscher Museum of Art’s educational mission. They offer unique naming opportunities, providing public acknowledgement of the gift in perpetuity.  

Endowment gifts can be made for any amount as unrestricted funds that generally support the Museum’s needs, or restricted funds that fund specific programs or initiatives. In most cases, a sum of money is given and the principal of that gift goes untouched, while a portion of the income it generates is used for general support or a specific purpose. The larger the gift, the greater impact it will have in generating revenue to support the donor’s intent.

The Museum’s Investment Policy allows for approximately 4 to 5 percent of an endowment fund’s total annual return to be allocated to the purpose established by the donor. The remaining income is reinvested in order to grow the principal. This policy provides for the continual growth of the principal over time. The Museum’s Endowment Fund is managed by investment professionals with the oversight of the Museum’s Finance Committee, a standing committee to the Board of Trustees. Finance Committee members also include the Executive Director & CEO, and the Director of Finance.

For more information, contact:
Deborah Johnson, Deputy Director & Director of Development at johnson@heckscher.org

Naming Opportunities


Funds are used where needed most to advance The Heckscher Museum’s strategic initiatives.

At the core of The Heckscher Museum’s educational initiatives is its exhibition program which attracts general visitors to the Museum, and serves as the inspiration for public events, as well as student and teacher programs. The Museum organizes, on average, five changing exhibitions each year. Endowment gifts provide funds to aid the Museum in budgeting for and funding future exhibitions.


The Heckscher Museum is a leader in K-12 arts education on Long Island, reaching more than 10,000 students each year. Programs take place at the Museum and through outreach to schools. Endowment gifts will help support salaries for professional staff Educators, the Museum’s essential resource for program quality and impact.

Long Island’s Best is an education program for grades 9-12. The program begins with in-depth instruction at the Museum where students learn about works of art included in current exhibitions, and culminates in a juried exhibition of student artwork. This program is recognized as the most prestigious student art exhibition on Long Island. Endowment gifts fund this highly respected program.

The Museum offers an active schedule of programs enjoyed by children, families, and adults. These include community arts festivals, workshops, gallery talks, concerts, and artists’ series. Endowment gifts support this changing array of educational experiences.


Endowed acquisition funds allow the Museum to purchase works of art for the Permanent Collection, focused on American art from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries.

Endowed conservation funds provide for the care and conservation of the Museum’s Permanent Collection allowing these works of art to be exhibited for the enjoyment of the public and for education programs.


The Museum offers naming opportunities to support scholarly publications related to special exhibitions and the Museum’s Permanent Collection.

The Heckscher Museum building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Several naming opportunities will support maintenance and repair of the building and mechanical systems.


Supports the salary and benefits of the Museum’s Executive Director. Ensures sufficient funds when necessary to compete for and hire leadership talent of the highest caliber.

Supports the salary and benefits of the Museum’s Curator. Ensures sufficient funds when necessary to compete for and hire the finest curatorial talent available.

Supports the salary and benefits of the Museum’s Director of Education. Ensures sufficient funds when necessary to compete for and hire the finest educator possible.

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