Docent Spotlight: Elliot Shulman

Elliot Shulman, Oceanside, NY is “a computer guy,” and one of the Museum’s newest Docents.  Recently retired, he actively searched for volunteer opportunities on Long Island, and found The Heckscher Museum website.  It was a match!  “Art is important, it enriches people’s lives,“ he said. “I like that the Heckscher is a smaller museum, and that there is so much outreach to children.”

Though he has no formal background in art, he has always had an appreciation for it.  “It always amazes me how artists can take a concept and translate it into a work of art.” He is especially impressed when that artwork is created by students.  One of his first experiences as a Docent at the Museum was during Long Island’s Best. The artist statements – a Long Island’s Best requirement – were “very moving,” he noted.

After years teaching computer classes and working as a sales manager, he is eager to give back.  Working at a hospice, a science museum and The Heckscher Museum, he is reaching more people than ever through his volunteer work. (Image: Elliot in Museum)