Rivera and Beyond: Latin American Art from the Joan and Milton Bagley Collection

November 17, 2018 - March 31, 2019

Roberto Matta, Les Oh! Tomobiles, 1972, Oil on canvas. Joan and Milton Bagley Collection

Over four decades, Joan and Milton Bagley have amassed a collection of Latin American art that is notable for its range, depth, and the rich variety of artistic expression represented. Featuring 20th century and contemporary artists from across Central and South America, the collection is a vibrant dialogue between indigenous culture, modernist art, and contemporary social commentary. Masterworks by Fernando Botero, Elena Climent, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Wifredo Lam, Julio Larraz, Roberto Matta, Carlos Mérida, Diego Rivera, Antonio Seguí, Franciso Zúñiga, and others reveal a deeply felt humanism, a sense of the poetic and mystical beneath the surface of everyday life, and an exploration of cultural and artistic identity.

Rivera and Beyond: Latin American Art from the Joan and Milton Bagley Collection is sponsored by Robin T. Hadley, Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein, and the Milton F. and Joan B. Bagley Foundation.



November 16, 2018
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Rivera and Beyond: Latin American Art from the Milton and Joan Bagley Collection
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