Youth Ambassadors Inspired by “Long Island’s Best 2022”

The Heckscher Museum Youth Ambassadors, a program for students in grades 5 to 9, discuss their favorite artwork from Long Island’s Best 2022 in these new videos. Students visited the Museum for several trainings and learned about the Long Island’s Best 2022 exhibition. They then each chose their favorite work of art and wrote a script. After practicing, they created short videos about their artwork and why they would vote for it for the Visitors Choice Awards.

WILLIAM, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Total Eclipse, Digital photograph, by Alexandra Hugel, Syosset High School.

MARIA, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Old Memories, Acrylic on wood, by Yuyu Liu, Portledge School.

HAFSA, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Visual Deception, Acrylic on foam board, by Sean Mascaro, John F. Kennedy High School.

ELA, Youth Ambassador

Learn about THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY, Found materials and acrylic, by Benjamin Herbert, Northport High School.

MOLLY, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Merveille, Acrylic on window, by Hannah Briggs, Oyster Bay High School.


SYLVIE, Youth Ambassador

Learn about This is Who I Am, Mixed media (acrylic and oil on masonite, fabric, sequins, pastel, and charcoal), by Ashley Park, Half Hollow Hills High School West.

ALEX, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Dragon, Ceramic, by Amelia Volpe, Bayport-Blue Point High School.

EMMA, Youth Ambassador

Learn about Orbits, Acrylic on canvas, by Ella Provisero, Cold Spring Harbor High School.

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