Youth Ambassadors Inspired by “Long Island’s Best 2023”

In these videos, the Heckscher Youth Ambassadors share their insights about their favorite artwork from Long Island’s Best 2023. Over the course of the year, this group of 5th through 9th grade students from a variety of local public schools has been meeting at the Museum to learn about art while developing their observation, critical thinking and public speaking skills. During special events this fall and winter, the Heckscher Youth Ambassadors led in-person tours of the Museum’s exhibitions for family and friends. Their experience in the Youth Ambassador Program culminated this spring. After learning about the Long Island’s Best 2023 exhibition, they worked together and independently to write a script and rehearse their presentation about their favorite artwork. Now, via QR codes on gallery wall labels and links on the Museum website, all museum visitors can enjoy the unique perspectives of these student leaders.

Alex shares his insights on Eva Diesso’s A Moment in Time.

Charlotte shares her insights on Ellie Johnson’s In Our World.

Ela shares her insights on Madeline Day’s Complex

Hafsa shares her insights on Vazira Khakimova’s All is Gone.

Jewel shares her insights on Katie Morton’s Garden Party.


William shares his insights on Grace Maldonado’s Frame of Mind.

Maria shares her insights on Daniella Dell’Aquila’s Welcome, Class of 2028.

Emma shares her insights on Alyssa Spano’s On Display.

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