August Heckscher Live!

The Heckscher Museum of Art was thrilled to discover this video of founder and philanthropist August Heckscher to share in time for our 100th anniversary this week!  Heckscher and his wife Anna, dedicated the Museum and Heckscher Park to the people of Huntington, “especially the children.”  The Museum opened on July 10, 1920.

This video treasure confirms the couple’s legacy as generous benefactors and great supporters of children’s causes.  In the video, Heckscher speaks about his satisfying work providing underprivileged city children a two-week stay in the country, part of what was known as the Fresh Air Fund.

The video is part of the University of South Carolina Moving Image Research Collections.  It was filmed in June of 1929.

“Nothing is more inspiring than the face of a happy child,”

August Heckscher, founder.


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