A Time to Help

An Unprecedented Ask for Unprecedented Times

This year marks the 100th anniversary of The Heckscher Museum’s founding, and the coronavirus pandemic appeared just as the centennial celebrations were beginning. Together with many cultural organizations throughout the country, we had to temporarily close our doors and rethink or postpone our planned exhibitions, education programs, and fundraising events. As a result, and despite the Museum’s best efforts, we are facing a significant projected deficit in excess of $500,000. Unless we are able to fill this gap, the Museum will enter its second century with its budget at risk and many of our programs on hold.

In response to our current situation and recognizing the immediate needs of the Museum, we gratefully announce a challenge grant of $200,000, initiated by Robin Hadley, The Cunniff Family, The Rauch Foundation/Nancy and Kostas Douzinas, Pien and Hans Bosch, and Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein.

All donations received before July 31 will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Your tax-deductible gift will help ensure the stability of the Museum’s talented and essential staff, fund arts education programs and exhibitions, and maintain the Museum through 2020. Please make your gift now to guarantee a confident future where the Museum can serve communities as one of Long Island’s important cultural and educational resources.

These are unprecedented times. It is the moment when we turn to those who hold The Heckscher Museum’s best interest at heart. Your donation, as generous as possible, will keep the Museum moving forward with confidence. Every gift will make a difference!

To make your online donation today, please visit Heckscher.org/donate. Or, mail to The Heckscher Museum, 2 Prime Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743.

Questions? Contact Development@Heckscher.org.

Donate Now

THANK YOU to the following generous donors who have made a gift to meet the challenge (as of 7/07/2020)

  • Lauretta Alio
  • Erica and Henry Babcock
  • Christine and John Ballow
  • Teresa P. Becker
  • Edith Berg
  • Judith Bernhang
  • Mary Lenore Blair
  • Christey and Peter Blohm
  • Margaret F. and Joseph Boorstein
  • Linda R. Kay and William G. Brunn
  • Colette Buzzetta
  • Trudy and Tom Calabrese
  • Callaghan Lucerino & Associates LLP/John Callaghan
  • Phyllis N. Charash
  • Claire Friedlander Family Foundation/Irene and Peter J. Klein
  • Barbara and Barry Coller
  • Hanna Nekvasil and John E. Coraor
  • Bea Coryell
  • Anthony Damian
  • Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Charitable Foundation
  • Bess and David Fuchs
  • Peter Fudge
  • Kathleen Galotti
  • Herman C. (Bud) Gehnrich
  • Susan Goldman
  • Paula Hackeling
  • Dee and James Hadley
  • Steven C. Hearl
  • Robert Hill
  • Paul G. Hoertz
  • Judy and Tom Hogan
  • Priscilla and Robert Hughes
  • Virginia Jacobsen
  • Catherine and Raymond Jansen
  • Axel R. Johnson
  • Lita Kelmenson
  • Andrea and Neil Kreinik
  • Carol and William Levatino
  • Ann and Robert Libbey
  • Christine Machtay
  • George Mallis
  • Peggy and Rusty Mc Cormack
  • Judy and Herbert Meserve
  • Margaret and Charles Palmer
  • Susan and Joseph Peragallo
  • Emily Franchina Perrell and Franklin Hill Perrell
  • Patricia J. Petersen
  • Elaine Preston
  • Peggy and Marc Richling
  • Patricia and Francis J. Roberts
  • Michael and Linda Schantz
  • Frances Scheff
  • Barbara Inglis and Lorraine Shallow
  • Joan Newman and Amy Shapiro
  • The Shoreland Foundation/Lulu and Tony Wang
  • James Slezak
  • Bette Sloane
  • Kristin and Dustin Smith
  • Diana Collins and Townsend Weekes
  • Harriet and Joel Weidenbaum
  • Andree and John E. Welsh, III