Youth Ambassadors Lead Fall Tour

On Saturday mornings this fall, before the building’s opening hours, the Heckscher Museum of Art was a hub of activity. A diverse group of fifth through ninth grade students from different schools and communities met there each week to learn about the Museum, its art, and each other.

With the galleries to themselves, these Heckscher Youth Ambassadors explored the latest exhibition, The Heckscher Museum Celebrates 100: Tracing History, Inspiring the Future. Through conversations, games, and activities, each student made and shared their own personal connections to the works of art. Then, working independently and as a group, they researched their favorite artworks in order to create a tour featuring their selections.

In preparing for that group tour, they developed life skills like public speaking and how to give and receive feedback. Finally, the students welcomed family and friends to engage with the art and to see the Museum through their eyes during their Fall 2021 Heckscher Youth Ambassador Tour.

Watch the tour

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